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By Matt Stone

The Vegan Solution: Why the Vegan Diet Often Fails and How to Fix It is almost here. It will be released on June 5th. I decided to write this book to reach out to struggling vegans with my “methods” for an increase in metabolism. This is something I discussed many months ago at the dawn of this project in the post Why Vegan Diets Fail. It’s not anti-vegan nor is it pro-vegan, it merely goes into the many common?mistakes vegans make that are anti-metabolic. There are many of them – dubbed “The Frigid Fourteen” in the book.I then go on to, of course, lay out some guidelines’that have been effective for vegans and non-vegans alike.

It contains some new features not found in my other books, such as The Metabolism Equation and a 10-item Metabolism Scorecard to go way beyond the use of a simple thermometer to gauge overall metabolic drive.

Chris Randall has a few guest chapters in the book. Chris,?youtube stud,?was a personal?”client” of mine for lack of a better word to describe him, and had?his body temperature rise more than 2 degrees with all the expected changes accompanying it as he will write about here later this week. He will be a 180D site author, so you will hear much more from him?beyond this week as well.

I decided not to publish this book on the site, as it is not really intended for the site audience. So it won’t?be available in the Platinum Collection or as an individual book in pdf form. It?will be available on June 5th in every other?format imaginable though – paperback, eBook, and audio book. The listings are coming out now, but please refrain from snatching it up until the 5th. We are working out several kinks right now, but that should all be ironed out by Wednesday.

Anyway, here’s a trailer of sorts. See you on Wednesday…