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Tooth decay is the most common form of degenerative disease in the world, affecting nearly every human being on the planet. Most children are born into the world, have a bunch of their baby teeth filled with amalgam fillings, have those teeth fall out, and then start the same process over again with their next set.

Modern dentistry is able to hide the woes of cavities and toothaches through modern dental practices. Regular tooth brushing, mouthwashes, and more help keep our cavities from getting out of control.

But get this. Our teeth dissolving in our mouths within a few short years of arriving is the most telling sign of our collective lack of health than any other barometer we have. It is the canary in the coal mine of human de-evolution.

No other species on earth, despite not having toothbrushes, toothpaste, fluoride treatments, or dental care, suffers from dental caries to the degree that human beings do. If they did, they would not survive.

Even more interesting, is that less than a century ago many native human populations subsisting on their native diets were found to not only have mouths full of crisp, white, unharmed teeth, but they had every single one of their 32 pearly whites, including the wisdom teeth, in perfectly-uniform alignment. It didn’t matter what their genes were or what they ate (for the most part), as long as their diet did not include modern, refined foods.

What was so telling about these observations can be deduced from comparing these people to nearby areas with access to refined foods. Each native group found to have perfect dentition and virtual freedom from dental caries had neighboring tribes living near ports and subsisting off of white flour, white sugar, canned goods, and vegetable oils. How were their teeth?? A complete mess ? crooked due to lack of space in the mouth for all 32 teeth and full of rapidly-dissolving teeth. They also suffered from a host of other illnesses that the natives on their ?primitive? diets were immune to ? whether infectious or degenerative in nature.

The comparative analysis of these groups was performed by dentist Weston A. Price, and his observations to this day are amongst the most telling of all observations that have ever been made about human health.? Price’s work; however, has been forgotten by Western medicine and mainstream nutrition. It’s a cryin? shame, because the foundation of real understanding of human health stems from his work. Without knowledge of it, who knows what kind of silly conclusions we might come to. We might end up thinking butter is a harmful food and that Slim Fast will help improve our health. Wait, what’s that, we do think butter is harmful and Slim Fast is healthy?? Oh God no. What have we done!

Don’t worry. Follow along at for the truth, and the obliteration of mainstream dogma ? an essential step in the cultivation of real health.? You’ll learn the secrets of the greatest contributors to the field of dentistry, Weston A. Price and Melvin Page, and all the information you’ll ever need to halt and prevent all forms of tooth decay.