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Sarah PopeI got a chance the other day to converse with Sarah Pope, popular blogger and author also known as “The Healthy Home Economist.” Sarah is a cool lady that I’ve known about for a long time. She has written 67 articles exposing both the overstated effectiveness as well as the underreported dangers of various types of vaccinations–an accumulation of research’that dates all the way back to the pre-internet era. She was all up in microfiche at the public library while I was?getting’speeding tickets trying to make it’to the movie theatre?in time to see the opening scene of Tommy Boy. I think I actually made fun of the?nerds who had email accounts that same year. If they could see me now.

Because I had a truly nasty reaction to a vaccine in my teens to the point where I underwent extensive medical testing to try to figure out what was wrong with me, I have always been open to the idea that vaccination is not always the miraculous and safe practice that we were led to believe growing up.

Call me a crazy hippie Nazi science denialist. Call me what you will. But there’s something?fishy about vaccination.Hear our discussion and decide for yourself?how the risks and rewards of vaccination stacks up against one another.

Listen HERE.