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This is officially the 200th blog post!  And the timing couldn’t be better.  180 just had a MadMUHHH-makeover.  A Muhhhkover?

I hope everyone likes the new look.  Please leave your feedback and comments – particularly the negative kind so that I can address your problem, whether it be with font size, color, background color, readability, or what have you.  I think it’s an improvement myself – without a doubt.

And since some of you recently expressed a desire to donate to 180DegreeHealth, here’s your chance…

I told MadMUHHH – Matthias Geselle (the fine young stallion that tweaked and tickled my template) that I wanted to make sure he received some compensation.  One way or another, he’ll have a few bucks thrown his way.  If you don’t donate, I’ll hook a brother up.  The more you give him, the more you’re donating to me – as I won’t have to give him so much out of my own pockets.  And for those of you that have really been pressing to see some design and format changes, and are really pleased with the makeover, please drop a few bucks his way.  You can donate to him via paypal by sending money to his e-mail address:

Go to Paypal to do it now…

He promised the following:

“I will make sure to invest it in something useful (food!).”

And if you know someone with a blog that needs help, tell ’em about madMUHHH!!!