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Hey guess what?  I’m a little tired of writing right now.  I was going to try to bust out the free eBook as promised at the mother site (intended to be the overfeeding Bible with the working title:  RRARF!  Medical Applications of Overfeeding), but that’s shaping up to be a May project.  I just don’t think I can pull it off this month.

Instead, I’m going crazy with videos and blogs after a pretty long siesta.  Hey, I feel like talking and cooking after writing a 60,000 word book in 5 weeks.  Strange I know. 

Anyway, that’s enough of that.  This week’s featured videos include:

A video on 180 Degree Metabolism for those who won’t be able to read the book.  In the video I lay out the general premise of the book, which is to heal your metabolism first – and then pursue fat loss wisely and cautiously by focusing on lowering the set point – not your weight. 

A quick video on my disagreement with Ray Peat and his kudos to fructose and sucrose as opposed to glucose from starches as the ideal carbohydrates for raising the metabolism (note at 6:50 it sounds like I say “agree” when I clearly mean “disagree”):

Next in the lineup is a new post at 180 Kitchen. I’ll be doing lots of quick and easy recipes and videos over the coming weeks, starting with the ghetto of the ghetto – my infamous Potachos!  If you want a sneak preview of some of the upcoming posts at 180 Kitchen, you can see the videos that will go with the posts at

Last, and certainly not least is Chris Rosenfelt’s 1st video diary on his aggressive attempt at the full-blown milk diet.  Chris is going for it, like I will be myself in a few short weeks.  What I like best about Chris’s video is his drastic overstatement of the popularity and reach of 180DegreeHealth.  We’re not quite there buddy, but I did finally tap into the top 300,000 sites according to Alexa yesterday – having leap-frogged 1 million sites this year.  Not quite Mercola yet though.  Good luck Chris!