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This week I did 2 videos.  The first is on Jon Gabriel, a continuation of last week’s post on The Gabriel Method.  The second is one in which I hammer home that famous Atkins quote once again – the warning he issues to all dieters that “Prolonged dieting tends to shut down thyroid function.”   You know, the one that I abuse the crap out of. 

Next up are a couple of inspiring videos by Jon Gabriel himself.  Lisa Sargese turned me on to these bad boys with a recent blog post of hers.  Thanks Lisa! 

Last but not least is a very interesting video that I managed to get caught up watching at Ryan Koch’s excellent blog.  I watched this whole thing from start to finish – all 7 segments.  It’s very interesting for anyone out there interested in overfeeding.  The video has some flaws though – obese people generally respond the same way to overfeeding as the thin.  They frame it like this is some fundamental difference between thin and obese people.  There are differences, but eating more than you desire affects nearly everyone the same way.

Consider this quote while watching the video, from Robert Pool’s excellent book, Fat: Fighting the Obesity Epidemic:

?When you gain weight, Leibel found, your body responds by burning more calories. After a 10 percent weight gain, his subjects? metabolisms had jumped an average of 16 percent more than expected, among both the obese and the non-obese subjects. Leibel knew that his patients? metabolisms should increase somewhat, since about a fourth of their weight gain was lean tissue, not fat, and the extra fat-free mass would demand extra calories to support it. But the 16-percent increase in energy expenditure was over and above the expected gain due to the extra lean tissue.

Leibel is featured in the video BTW…