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Allergies to cats, dogs, dairy products, wheat, nuts, shellfish and other foods, pollen, fragrances, dust and so on are quite common. Has it always been this common?

No way.

When it comes to asthma and allergies, there are generally more questions than answers. What causes allergies? What causes asthma? Are these developed or inherited disorders? What exactly is asthma?

Asthma, an allergy-related condition is skyrocketing. Has air-quality really gotten that bad?? What about in poor countries where air quality is even worse than it is in some of the wealthier nations?

Actually, there is little correlation between air-quality and things like asthma and allergies. In fact, in most cases the opposite is true. Air quality, in general, is improving with tighter and tighter standards, but asthma, for example, has seen doubling in periods as short as a decade or two in countries like Great Britain. So what causes asthma?

Not to be a party pooper or anything, but allergies, asthma, and other similar conditions are truly the beginning of the end. These are all immune disorders, conditions of hypersensitivity to typically-benign substances. They reflect over-activated immunity, which parallels a host of disorders, high cortisol and leukotreine levels for example, that are associated with most degenerative and infectious disease. They are also inherited disorders,which put a person and their offspring at much higher risk of developing autoimmune disease, which is, you guessed it, also increasing at a very alarming rate.

A study done decades ago on the cumulative degeneration of cats on an unsuitable diet tells the best story about what causes allergies and asthma. The man who performed the study was named Francis M. Pottenger, Jr. Pottenger divided cats into several groups and fed one group a diet consisting of only fresh, raw meat, raw milk, and some cod liver oil for good measure. It’s a perfect kitty diet. The other cats had cooked meat and cooked milk, even evaporated canned milk, which of course, for an animal that doesn’t produce lactase into adulthood (the enzyme needed to digest milk properly), is unsuitable food.

The kitties on a healthy diet had flawless health and produced litter after litter for generations with great physical perfection just like the first generation. The unsuitable diet produced very different results?

The first generation did okay. They hung in there with no major health problems. The second generation down the line on the poor diet started developing allergies and had narrowed dental arches and crooked teeth.? Their fur was not as healthy looking, they were not as robust, and they began displaying behavioral disorders. Of course the children of today’s modern nations are displaying all of these traits in ever-increasing numbers, and don’t forget that ancestors of every race examined still living exclusively on native foods in the 1930’s had 32 teeth in perfect alignment due the greater breadth of the dental arch (things that make ya go hmmm?).

But hold on a minute. The third generation was a total mess (hello autism) rife with inherited disorders.They developed severe osteoporosis, had malformed facial and skeletal features, were very aggressive, demonstrated homosexual behavior (no offense), etc. Can you even imagine what the fourth generation would have been like?? Well, you’ll have to imagine it, because not a single one of the third-generation cats was able to successfully reproduce. The unsuitable diet, which varied only slightly from a diet that produced reliable perfection, brought about extinction by the fourth generation.

Of course this can’t be happening to us you might say, but considering that one out of five American couples is unable to have children (infertility), an alarming trend that has appeared out of thin air in the last couple decades, you might take this kitty study a little more seriously.

This phenomenon, where generation to generation health gets progressively worse ? starting with allergies, asthma, dental decay, and crooked teeth, is very real, has been very well-documented in humans, and was even given a name by nutrition legend Weston A. Price:? intercepted heredity.

Fortunately, just as Pottenger in his cat study was also able to show, over time this trend can be reversed (aka 180?d). I personally have had great success with overcoming my dental decay, allergies, and asthma,inherited disorders which plagued me, off and on, for over a quarter century. You too can make great improvements for yourself and for your children following simple dietary and lifestyle strategies just as I have, making a contribution to yourself and to the future of mankind. Truly. And the path that can help lead you there begins at Once you understand what causes your allergies and asthma, you can begin taking steps to overcome it.