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Steven e

If I remember correctly from your video, you are restricting sugars, which seems evident from your menu. I’m pretty sure sugars speed my digestion in some way. Possibly because they are generally metabolically stimulating? I like a few sips of soda with or after meals. During re-feeding I was drinking several a day sometimes. Sugars are generally very easily digested and can up your calorie intake with little effort on your body’s part. You are eating a lot of pretty heavy stuff it seems to me. Lots of fats in there and whole grains are harder to digest than refined. That may be fine if that is what you feel like eating (v.s. think you should be eating) but those do sound like heavy meals. You might try, even just for a week or so, stocking some refined starches, like white rice, rice noodles, white flour, some sugars, and pasta. And maybe some soda (blue sky is pretty good and has no junk in it). Then stop thinking and start eating :) You may find that sugars can be your friends. Finally, if you are really going to make this a project vlogging and all, you should probably drop the 150 bucks to talk to Matt personally for some guidance, if you haven’t done so. It might not be a bad idea to get a bit of a start first as you are, but I can say I wish I had talked to him sooner. At least make sure you’re fairly up to speed by reading eat for heat and diet recovery II. I think you can get them free with an amazon prime trial right now.