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++1 TO both heather and SalubriousU?on the psyllium “thang”?My go-to “porridge” was a m?lange of psyllium husks?water..cinnamon that I would concoct to a “spoonable”..snot/mucous consistency?and enough to actually “fill” the small bowl to a level where others “imagined” I was actually eating a hot breakfast cereal?Also?..yep..small cans of tuna and tomato pur?e, harissa or grainy mustard?Nori sushi wrappers “toasted”?usually burned! the oven?x?res vinegar on EVERYTHING?Sugar-free jello?bone-broth gelatins with madeira ?Sigh..concoctions which only signal our search for satisfaction in our food choices’so we seek out “spice” or tongue “wow” factor/novelty/surprise but they are often bizarre choices..or “evasion choices” as to what we are truly yearning for?a sense of “normalcy” and listening to our inner cues as to what we really want/need.

(I also had a short stint of doing my instant/no-thought dinner “wrap”?raw cabbage leaves..smeared with grainy or Dijon mustard..sprinkled with powdered garlic, tarragon, and shallots?rolled and consumed)..Yes?definite non-honoring..non-eating behavior!)