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@Scott_Schlegel So you’re also European and around my age.:) Isn’t it hard in Norway to find good affordable fruit?

I actually haven’t had carrot in a while anymore,bc my body is rejecting even the tiniest amounts,such as the tiny amount in ripe mango though I love it, of starch it seems(by trying to listen to intuition)…,this also counteracts the theory of increased metabolism means being able to eat more. Sure I can eat starchy things,but my metabolism&immunity immediately plummet and my tongue turns black nowadays which is something that never happened before….I’m like a walking iodine test!,not to speak about my mood and bowelmovements.
Alas there’s no PM option on this forum,so would it be ok to mail you sometime?

Is the woman in the picture perhaps a professional athlete,bc that’s the only type of woman I can think of consuming such amounts daily.