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Hey @Sugarplum! I definitely agree with Brittney above. Right now the main priority is to give your body the love and encouragement it needs, in the form of unrestrictively eating whatever you want! If nut butters are really delicious and satisfying to you, there’s absolutely no reason to restrict yourself. The main thing is not to stress about it (I know, way easier said than done!)

By the way, as long as you’re still getting dietary fat from saturated sources (ie coconut oil, butter & dairy, etc) I don’t think you need to worry about consuming PUFAs — which are literally impossible to avoid entirely. Yeah it might be rough on your body if your diet were 75% nut-based (for various reasons). But actually, I think it’s far more unhealthy to stress out about any food/ingredient/macronutrient than it is to actually ingest the damn thing. So, enjoy!

And good for you for embarking on the recovery journey!! :)

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