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wonky liver enzymes are a totally expected side effect of starvation. they will go back to ‘normal’ after a sustained period of sufficient calories. I’ve had this happen time and time again (I never learned the lesson and appear to excel at the art of relapse).

I’ve started to view gluten-free anything, sprouted breads, sweet potatoes, and any other darling of orthorexia as ‘junk’ food. Ice cream is no junk food; it is damn close to our first and most primal food from our mothers. If these foods make you feel better, then how are they junk?

Orthorexia’s voice is the junk voice. It is telling you things that are junk. The healthiest folks I’ve known, the ones who live to old age and live interesting lives, are the ones who eat whatthehellever they feel like eating.

I’d say first you need to reclassify. The foods you’ve been avoiding aren’t junk foods. How long do you eat what you crave? For as long as it takes until it feels natural to eat what you crave. Otherwise you just end up on some other whackamole journey the next time some charismatic health ‘guru’ comes along pitching the newest routine (or the latest demon food responsible for everything that’s wrong with the world).