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    Hey everyone,
    Finally admitted to myself I have a problem after trying to live a pure healthy life with wapf, paleo, autoimmune paleo to the point of ill health..My question is how many of you are eating junk more than healthy food to raise your temps and get over the actual fear of food? I have finally pushed through the 1st couple of days with extreme pain/inflammation and been overdosing on milkshakes, tim tams, coco pops and bread and cheese and loving it :) I cant believe the change it has made to my moods, temps and overall appearance, and the pain subsided…
    I still worry about all the transfats etc Im consuming in these packaged foods though..Is it going to do much damage or should I just roll with it for now? I sometimes get chest pains too but have had that for the last year or it maybe just repairing? I did have high liver enzymes as well as the chest pain and couldnt believe it when I read that the body starts eating itself when its in starvation mode! So I gather I do have some healing to do but nothing serious as I had ultrasound and x-ray done on my chest and abdominal area and everything looked fine.. Would love to hear some other refeeding stories and how long you ate junk before consuming more health food?
    Cheers :)


    I just think back to when I was a kid – not caring about the ingredients, and just listening to my body and giving in to my cravings. I was a lot healthier thanks to my lack of concern about nutrition, and I ate what I wanted without thinking about it. I don’t think you need to go out and buy everything that has trans-fat in it, but if it sounds good to you then get it! A little trans-fat every now and then probably won’t kill us, and even if it takes a couple days off of our lives, if it makes you happier and livelier then that’s really what counts at the end of the day.
    After I started incorporating ‘junk’ food I felt better almost immediately. Junk food, for me, mainly consists of:
    1.) Ice Cream
    2.) cereal
    3.) chocolate
    4.) Pasta
    5.) Pizza
    6.) Burgers/Fries
    7.) Starbucks peppermint mocha!
    8.) Cookies
    The list goes on and on, but I’m just trying to enjoy myself and that seems to be the ultimate cure. Once you can separate yourself from your diet you are truly free.
    Good luck!


    wonky liver enzymes are a totally expected side effect of starvation. they will go back to ‘normal’ after a sustained period of sufficient calories. I’ve had this happen time and time again (I never learned the lesson and appear to excel at the art of relapse).

    I’ve started to view gluten-free anything, sprouted breads, sweet potatoes, and any other darling of orthorexia as ‘junk’ food. Ice cream is no junk food; it is damn close to our first and most primal food from our mothers. If these foods make you feel better, then how are they junk?

    Orthorexia’s voice is the junk voice. It is telling you things that are junk. The healthiest folks I’ve known, the ones who live to old age and live interesting lives, are the ones who eat whatthehellever they feel like eating.

    I’d say first you need to reclassify. The foods you’ve been avoiding aren’t junk foods. How long do you eat what you crave? For as long as it takes until it feels natural to eat what you crave. Otherwise you just end up on some other whackamole journey the next time some charismatic health ‘guru’ comes along pitching the newest routine (or the latest demon food responsible for everything that’s wrong with the world).


    Thanks for the reply guys!

    @elfman so true! I found myself wondering in the midst of my healthkick..why do I feel like crap when I eat so healthy? I was so much healthier before I started eating this way!! So bring on the icecream! I know I will eventually get over the mindset of good and bad foods..

    I really hope to be rid of orthorexias voice for good one day… glad to hear about the liver I know why the doctors/health practitioners had no answers for me :/ funny how an eating disorder can go under the radar for so long…

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