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No, I don’t have his book. The only reason I haven’t bought it is I don’t have the free time to read it, but I think I’ll have to get it anyway and try to fit it in. The reason I ask for a list of symptoms is I thought I was healthy and doing everything right, but have come to a point where my body cannot take it anymore. My metabolism has been damaged for many years, and I thought it was just the way my body is (always going to the bathroom, cold, cold hands and feet, etc). Recently the symptoms have gotten worse and I really want to fix it but struggle to eat as I should. I’ve been underweight for years battling disordered eating and it’s hard for me to keep eating as much as my body wants and needs. If I had a list it would be a good reminder and motivator to keep going when I feel like restricting again. Sorry so long, but thanks for your reply.