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Ok so I talked to Matt today (: and he said that the weight gain is necessary. Gaging from my temperatures and history, I should maybe gain a little more over the next month, about 10 lbs and then level out. That would put me 25 lbs above my preferred weight.That weight is going to need to stay on for a year or so and my temperatures need to stay up all that time, for me to reach the point when my body will recover and naturally let go of weight and maybe even end up lower than I was before. He said I could stop the milk and replace it with coconut milk if it’s causing poor sleep for much longer. But he’d prefer that I continued having it and let my body adjust. Man, what a leap of faith. I live in a beach town in California and I’m around an outdoorsy crowd. This is a courageous step for me. But I really think it’s worth it. I just feel that I’ve been swimming upstream for too long.