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I know. it’s brutal! I guess you only have to gain until you hit the high temperatures. I’m trying to step away from the yoyo weight cycle.
15 years ago I had an eating disorder which left me freezing. When I started healing, I did some heavy eating. I was soooo bottomlessly hungry. But I was soooo scared of gaining and developed an exercise compulsion? I was eating and kept freezing and i was drinking loads of water, too. Well I gave up after 5 years at about 170 lbs and never losing the weight. And went back to low carb, raw foods, skipping dinner blahblah? It’s been a battle to keep the weight down between 130 and 150 lbs with lots of fear and restrictions!! Now I get what I did wrong. Doing eat for heat right makes my body so warm, it’s shocking. What a waste of time back then!!! I could kick myself.