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I didn’t have any great weight loss with Jon Gabriel’s methods, but I see what he is saying, and he added to my understanding. It was a big relief just to hear someone say “there is a reason your body wants to be fat.” It’s not that I’m lazy, etc. I let that take off some pressure. I didn’t keep up with the visualizations, because, I can now see, there was a part of me that didn’t feel right just asking for the body shape I thought I wanted. I’m now really focused on health, and my visualizations are of this fire in me that is getting hotter and hotter and all my little cells joyfully working, with all the resources they need to do their jobs for me! (really!!!) :) And, today I came here to share some success with Matt’s methods! High temperatures!!! I may never wear my winter clothes again. Now, if I could just get my DH to sleep with the window open. :) I feel really hopeful about being really healthy.