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I went to an anthroposophic medical treatment facility (not knowing what that entailed) for chronic fatigue in summer 2012. They claimed it was the most revolutionary inpatient cure available. I lasted only two days, and should have left after the first hour.

They followed a starvation diet of approximately 200 calories per day. Water could only be consumed in two-ounce increments, once per meal. This “healing diet” was necessary for producing “cosmic connectedness.”

Water itself had special properties. Patients were instructed to fill a large bucket with water, and stir it with a stick until it created a vortex. As one patient stirred the water, another had to wave her hands over the bucket and envision projecting “chaos” into the water. Next we sprinkled an “activation powder” into the bucket. This is a mixture of cow manure which was packed into a cow horn, buried when the moon was in a particular phase, and dug up two weeks later. (Seriously. Look up “horn manure.” People actually believe in this.) After stirring, we had to walk around the yard of the treatment center, dip a paintbrush into the bucket, and fling water across the yard with the brush while chanting “Blessings on this house and its people.” The whole process took about three hours.

Why didn’t I leave? I wanted to stick around for color therapy, of course.

Here, the patients were blindfolded and led into a dark basement where a physician (yes, the leader really is an MD), projected an orange light onto a screen. After 30 seconds he turned off the light and said, “This has to do with Jupiter.” LOL! We were supposed to see a blue after-image, which is of course based on eye physiology– orange and blue being opposite colors. Patients were told that anything we saw was a healing vision from the soul, and if we didn’t see anything, we were blocking our life force, which was the real source of all illness.

I had not realized at all what I was getting myself into when I signed up. Despite being a biochemistry professor who knew this was nonsense from the minute I entered, I stayed on for two days hoping to glean some useful knowledge. I now realize my problem was undereating and overtraining, and I continue to improve slowly but surely, without the use of magical water. :-)