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The Real Amy

I hear where you’re coming from Sa230e. My personal approach is that psych meds are not anything to mess around with, and even with a doctor shouldn’t be used as anything but an absolute last resort. I never have, but I have seen very bad effects in friends/family, which is why I feel the way I do. SSRIs can cause a lot of damage. Personally I would be really wary of the longterm effects of tianeptine, as well, but sounds like you have your eyes wide open.

If prozac was your poison, the fluoride may be a big part of the ongoing problem, rather than serotonin – people call it getting fluoxed (you probably already know this). I think it’s a really tough thing to bounce back from. Prozac completely ruined my grandmother’s life, literally, but it’s a lot harder to bounce back as an elderly person than when you’re young. I hope you make a full recovery.