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Yes, I was thinking along the lines of what Brittney has said. It’s not just eating more, but eating strategically. It’s certainly not restrictive, but like Matt says, if you eat 2000 of watermelon, you won’t be raising your metabolism at all. I would say, people who are really, really overweight have really low metabolism and probably other contributing factors, including emotional and maybe other medical. I know I’m not thrilled to be gaining more weight, but I was aimlessly gaining weight back for the last few years. This feels different. My body is changing already, and I’m only a month in, too. I gave up weighing (myself or food) a couple years ago, so I only know that I’ve been buying bigger clothes and the waist measurement I took a few days ago to make a skirt was well, more than I thought it would be! But, I’m trusting. And I’m feeling better. And I just started reading Healthy at Every Size. I’ve been quite a few sizes in my 43 years, and I did not feel the healthiest at the smallest size, that’s for sure. I’m also doing a self-care course that follows A Course in Miracles. I mixing science and God. For me, it works. I don’t think we are just machine-like bodies (and I know Matt doesn’t think that either, from a great article in the newsletter recently), and I know that how I see myself and others means a lot, too. I want to feel good (strong, healthy, supple). I don’t know what size that will be for me. We’ll see. Here’s to new clothes! :)

Sorry, your question was when does it stop? I think Matt has said that when your temperatures get steady. And I noticed already that my cravings have gone. I’m back to the point in my cycle where I was when I started (just before my period) and again, no cravings. I’m eating. I’m enjoying eating. But I think it’s going to be a matter of just eating to hunger soon, and that will be amazing and fun. Oh, yes, I’ve also been hungry! Because I’m not eating so mindlessly or for boredom or cravings. That seems to be clearing up on it’s own, as I give my body enough. More than enough! And good food, and fun food. I made homemade mac and cheese the other night! Wow. And it lasted me two days. I loved it, but when I had had enough, it was easy to put it aside. That, for me, is amazing!

Just think about how many people Matt has helped. We are just adding to his numbers! Proving him right!

Christinam, I just took in what you said. Have you read Eat for Heat? That feeling tired after a meal can be your body saying, wow, thanks, let’s get to work. It’s not necessarily a bad thing in recovery, I don’t think.

From EFH, “Overcompensation Effect” – “For example, if you wait a really, really long time to eat, get super outrageously hungry, and then pig out….your stress system overcompensates and shuts down completely. Your eyelids feel like they weight a thousand pounds. At least most would notice this tendency.” He talks about sleep this way, too. then…. “Anyway, the overcompensation effect factors into the hot/cold, high-stress/low-stress, body fluid concentration equation. The overcompensation effect is why I find stockpiling your foods towards what is your colder part of the day so vital.”

Is that on the right track? If not, just ignore me. :)