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This seems to be a running theme recently…

… they can’t lose weight when they “eat more than they burn”…
… if you’ve been on a bunch of yo-yo diets and low-calorie restrictions for a long time, you burn very little, and your body suffers long term damage. i.e. you are not healthy.

SO… to recover from dieting, you use the Diet Recovery methods – i.e. EAT. But, there’s more to it than that.

Once you convince your body that it’s not starving (by any means possible), you can get your metabolism up, get your repair systems in high gear (this is when you start craving real, wholesome foods), and get healthy again.

Once you’re healthy, you can work on losing fat, if that’s still a problem.

If you’re after science, I found “Death by Food Pyramid” very interesting… and it provides even more motivation to collect your own evidence. The human body seems to be more ‘art’ than ‘science’ – due to the wide variety of body types and genetics in play.

Good luck! Please let us know what evidence you find!