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Sorry takes me quite a while to type this stuff up sometimes.

The things I would do differently would be less “junk food”. I didn’t really have a plan when I started just calories calories and more calories. For me that meant fast food and crap in a box at the supermarket and eating way past fullness. After some more reading though these last six weeks I have a solid food plan for everyday.

Not telling everybody to eat like I do but here is a list of stuff I eat everyday :
fried eggs and potato in coco oil or butter + salt, I swallow the yolks raw
fruits mostly orange and lemon
gummi bears
Posada Steak Chimichangas
Sierra Mist soda
cane sugar – I could add this to pretty much everything If I felt like it but mostly the coffee milk and making lemon sugar water
baking soda – I add a bit to drinks 1-2 times a day
cacao powder – dump some in my coffee everyday
occasionally rice and w/e meat
I still eat fast food usually pizza or cheap Del Taco tacos 2-3 times a week

So my diet is Matt Stone/Danny Roddy/Andrew Kim inspired. I think I would have been fine eating like this from day 1 and less fat. I don’t blame Matt for being fat though, just my initial interpretation from reading his books was I need more calories and sugar after being on a paleo type diet. I definitely needed that experience to figure things out.

So there, that took way to long to type and I think I made some kind of point