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I also had an issue learning how to use my thermometer… I’m using an ear one, which is notorious for being harder to use and less accurate… but I have a “point” that I aim for now, so am basically looking at trends. And, I definitely have seen a trend up – with accompanying warm hands and feed, so I’m happy about that.

SO… Lindar76… you can eat what you want, feel good and don’t need to lose any excess weight and pregnancy weight comes off easy… so… what made you read the book and come here?

It sounds like you’re where I want to end up!
Any other health issues, beyond the number on the scale, that made you think you need to eat more?

Just being tired?

It’s winter time… vitamin D deficiency is often associated with the ‘winter blues’ – find a good source for vit D (I use Carlson drops or a tanning bed) – and see if that makes a difference.

The first time I sat in a tanning bed (besides some ill advised use in my teen years) – I hopped out of my 3 minute session ready to go jogging with the dog (and I don’t jog).