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Amy, you just helped me get clear! Thank you so much!! My intuition tells me to stick to a routine of square meals and whole foods. Mostly sweet potato, oats, quinoa, rice with some protein, fat and a little bit of veg. Add some salt and a small dessert once a day. voila. I know I can feel great that way. I don’t under eat or have an eating disorder nor have I done low carb recently. i think dairy and esp. bread needs to be in moderation for me. It puts on weight like crazy. I guess, I have some figuring out of my own to do and see what proportions work best. I really went for it in the last 1.5 months and maybe got too intent on getting my temp. up FAST. So I ate over my hunger feeling gross and tired at times. That seems pointless. Why not feel mostly good and trust one’s body’s cues!! Matt seems to say, eat as much as your appetite allows and make the food tasty as in tarts and processed without pufas. When you think of food, eat it. And then it’s normal to be dead tired all day. I must say that, that can go wrong and cause lethargy and no interest in life. It’s ok to slow down and not exercise as much but why be half deadI don’t know. He sure is onto something and I’m grateful for what he does. Amy, are your temperatures up now and what foods work best for you? I think I read somewhere that you prefer carbs and salt over fatty foods.