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I agree with everything Amy wrote.

Most diets have a “Magic food”, the ingestion of which makes you a member of the “group”. For Paleos, it is meat…They brag about the amount and strange varieties of meat they eat. The “Eat For Heat” also has developed a “Magic Food” that is called, “Eat Everything That Isn’t Nailed Down”. Over the course of time that has manifested as certain people bragging about the quantity of junk food they can consume. As a correction to years of restrictive eating this was perhaps normal, but I think we are encountering the negative consequences of this unbridled approach. A lot of people are gaining a lot of weight and having difficulty getting it off. There may be some people who have suddenly lost weight after a period on this diet, but I suspect they are an extreme minority (I might be wrong about that though). And, in any case, who has “THE FAITH” to wait two years and gain another twenty pounds in the hopes that the weight will come off. For a lot of people, this PROMISE will conjure up bad memories of being told that certain unpleasant results were only temporary and attributed to this herxheimer effect (detox), only to find out two years later that they were still “detoxing”…when in fact they were just ill from the healthy protocol.