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I’m most attracted to instinctive eating whenever hungry. But for now I want to fix my metabolism, thyroid, adrenals, hormones. I feel very close to target and don’t want to go on some tangent and lose what I’ve already worked hard to achieve. Thomas, what you say resonates with me. I feel that extreme dieters might come here and take the HED as a permission to pig out and be a “rebellious teenager”. Then they run back to their diet because it didn’t “work out”. Maybe there is a benefit to it but I think it holds great risk in the long run! Maybe Matt is an extreme personality. After all he did everything from fasting on only milk and other extreme diets. I don’t really want to follow anyone there but I’m totally over eating veggies with grains or fish all day and drinking veggie juice too gross lol. What if eating giant quantities of food gives a person hyperthyroid and that’s why you might become skinny while pigging out on burgers? And in the end your thyroid gives out and you get fat anyway.I honestly don’t know anyone that eats giant quantities of food and is slim except for professional athletes or dancers. But I see plenty of people eat what they want in normal amounts and look small and beautiful. All I know is that I stopped dieting a couple of years back and started eating 3squares with maybe 2 snacks, incl. carbs, fruit, honey, protein etc and I got my period back and have had one every month this last year. I still get cold hands and have a few problems like allergies to some foods, digestion etc which I want to get over. THat’s why I’m here.