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please don’t put words into my mouth (i do really well putting them there myself ;). no, i didn’t go on all those diets because i actually WANTED it, i did it because i had a distorted view of what i should want. and no, i don’t hope in the back of my mind that any weight i put on these days will come off. i am pretty much done with doing things because i should want them. and i am old now, and no longer care to live up to other people’s expectations.

i don’t blame you for wanting what you want, but … the anti-fat talk makes it feel like you might be in the wrong place. you seem to want guarantees, and nobody here can give them (nobody anywhere can, but in many other places they pretend). did you read the testimonials? there are some by people who lost weight, so apparently for them it worked that way. but from going through the forums, for others it doesn’t seem to work that way, at least not for quite some time, and maybe they gave up. or maybe they didn’t and they just dropped out of sight. even if it worked for many who tried, it might not work for you. even if it didn’t work for many it might still work for you. fortunately nobody is asking you to pay $99.95 in 4 easy installments. ;)

i just read EFH yesterday. i came here because i’ve figured out certain things about my metabolism on my own, and stumbled across matt’s work while doing further research. i’m interested in dealing with my health issues, which have somewhat improved, but i’m looking to do more. i am not interested in weight loss (i came to this thread because it was one of the few active ones). i do have experience with “intuitive/mindful eating”; basically eating what i feel hungry for when i am hungry, without restrictions, by learning to listen to my body. after originally gaining size for a few months, i’ve since been losing size for the last 3 years (i gather this from how my clothes fit, since i threw my scale out) — but slowly; probably ~60 lb. i have no idea whether that’ll continue, and i’ll be fine if it doesn’t; i made my peace with my size when i decided to never go on another diet.

but that doesn’t necessarily speak for EFH because i didn’t do it on the basis of temperature and observing my urine, though my intuition turns out pretty well informed about “warm” vs “cool”, and i figured out that the 8 glasses of water was ridiculously much for me, that seriously lower sodium intake did not lower my BP, that eating fat didn’t make me fat, etc. on the other hand, i diverge pretty strongly on the sugar front, and i don’t know what matt’s aversion to potassium is all about.