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I admit, I don’t see the value of monitoring my temperature. There’s agreement here that orthorexia is a bad thing, and I don’t want to replace one form of obsession with another. I’m succeeding without worrying about my temperature, so why bother? I’m not even sure what I’d do with that information if I had it.

If I discovered my temperature was low (however that’s defined), would I interpret that to mean that my health improvements were illusory, and that actually I’m just as sick as I was, despite every indication to the contrary? Or instead, would it mean that body temperature readings just aren’t a reliable indicator of health?

To answer your question, my hands and feet don’t bother me, and my urination is normal. On the other hand, I’m a horrible insomniac, and by no means am I in perfect health. I am not claiming that regular exercise has cured me, but that my health has consistently improved the longer I keep it up.