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I believe everyone will have their own way, their own goals, their own results, their own cravings etc.
I used to consistently compare myself to others, want perfect answers and proof, want results over night, want to know what everyone else did etc but all it was doing was adding to the stress that was down regulating my metabolism in the first place.

It is fantastic to have the internet as a resource to take on board other peoples experiences, but that doesn’t mean I will have the same experience. I’m sure Matt has one of the greatest awareness of other peoples experiences with metabolic recovery, but it doesn’t mean he’s going to have the same experience. Who cares how much weight he has lost?
By the sounds of it there are many 180 degree testimonials that do include weight loss, Matt might not be one of them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be?

I’ve packed on at least 40kgs to bring up my temps. I’ve tried different ways and trusting my cravings is what has worked best so far. I figure if I keep being kind to myself, honouring my cravings, loving and approving of myself just maybe I might lose some weight further down the track. And if I don’t… There are plenty of greater life lessons I have learnt from packing on some extra weight.

All the best finding ‘your way’ and nice to hear from you @David