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cold in canada

I have a problem with weight loss too. A couple of years ago my weight dropped to a 100lbs (I’m only 5’4″) and I’ve been fighting to get it back on. I’m sure that my water in take was a huge part of it, I drank so much water that even the thought of putting water in my mouth makes me sick! I have suffered from massive silent migraines and food intolerance. It got so bad I was afraid to eat…I still am afraid of food…stupid I know but I seem to react to everything…which leads to anxiety:( I’m trying very hard to watch my fluid intake but sometimes all I can get into me is juice. I can’t even take supplements, they just make me sick!! I’m at a loss as to what to do I’ve been in and out of the hospitals, seen Dr’s., specialist, naturalpathic Dr’s…counsellors, psychiatrists…and I always end up back at square one. need help!!