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Hey Linda thanks for your reply. I did know that not sweating was a sign of a tanked metabolism. I was just wondering if anyone ever truly got any relief and started sweating again. From what I understand, once you get to that point (of being unable to sweat), things are really out of whack. I have yet to hear any stories of people who quit sweating that actually begin to sweat again.

I guess that’s why I am wondering if there is any real solution once you get to this point. I don’t feel like any warming foods or anything help me at all. I don’t know if I can put on 40-50 lbs to find out if there is a possible solution. I have tiny wrists and ankles and bone structure in general, so even 5 lbs is very noticeable, especially in my face. I have already gone up 15+ lbs and 2 pant sizes in just a few weeks, and I’m not even eating “junk” food per se. Eating tons of potatoes and sweet potatoes and rice for starches, with loads of salt and honey, and also alot of rice krispies and corn flakes either dry or with very little milk. I am really surprised to be gaining this much weight given I am always on my feet all day and not eating that much.