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@mmmfood- I remember your posts from a few months ago, and you may remember me too because I think I left some comments for you. The weight gain you just reported isn’t really a mystery. It’s the natural result of eating too much and exercising too little.

It’s true that maintaining a healthy weight is easier for some people than others, but no one gets to break the laws of physics. Calories are important.

There are people who ruin their health eating a whole foods diet, and there are people who regain their health eating fast food–and it’s all because of calorie balance. I have lost 40 pounds since last August–and more importantly, regained my health and energy levels–just by making sure I burn more calories than I consume. I eat “junk food” like pop and potato chips literally every day, and I don’t eat many vegetables or whole grains or expensive health foods or supplements. I just plan my diet and exercise at the beginning of every week, and I follow through with the plan.

You might disagree with me, but the fact is that I’m getting results. I had been very sick for many years. I had tried every restrictive diet you can imagine–cutting gluten, cutting processed food, cutting sugar, cutting dairy, etc., etc., etc. I tried that shit for years, and I thought I had tried everything. In the end, all it took was following orthodox advice–eat less, move more–and following that advice with serious dedication.

I truly believe that, except for the unlucky minority with serious diseases, health is possible for everyone. It just takes a lot of work.