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I’ve done the refeeding for a year and I still don’t have consistent temperatures even with a 40 pound weight gain. In fact, I ended up using the cold hands/feet as a indicator that I had to do some exercise or eat something–my body just doesn’t like to be at 98.6 all the time. However, I did notice improvements in my periods. I no longer have menstrual cramps and I’m very regular. My skin is better and mysterious rashes have disappeared. I did notice gradual improvements in sleep patterns. I decided to stop refeeding because of the 40 pound weight gain. I just can’t fathom gaining any more on my 5’5 frame, low temps or not. I’m back on a WAPF style diet since it is the least restrictive
diet and intuitively I think it’s right for me. I’m also exercising regularly again.

Refeeding worked somewhat for my hormones, but not for consistent resting temps and the 40 pound weight gain is yucky. In the end, I still think it’s about finding the right balance–a bit of portion control and moderate exercise that doesn’t stress the body. That’s what really works.