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Thanks for responding!
I guess your post made me think that maybe I have a hard time seeing the improvements too because I am so sleep deprived.
I *think* I see an improvement in my energy but it’s hard to tell when you need sleep. I guess I was expecting the constipation to go away rather quickly.
I haven’t started menstruating yet since the birth… it would be nice if I could not have it being painful like it used to! We will see!
Glad to hear about your improvements and thanks for sharing!

I think I am getting the sense that I just need to go with my body on this.. Right now, I am thinking, keep eating like I have been because I think my baby needs it too (When I eat WAPF style, I end up restricting without meaning to…) and I will increase exercise as long as I don’t see my temps drop.
I am up to 97.5 or so in the morning… after breakfast I usually reach 98 and then it keeps going up until night time.
I just keep thinking that if I could only sleep and rest at night I would wake up in the 98’s…
But it might be a while before I get to rest at night. Sigh.