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@Christinam I agree that raising metabolism is very complicated and not just about eat more or eat ‘x’food.
When I ‘losened up’ on food and amongst some others started to eat wheat again,I couldn’t get enough of it and I thougth it was actually doing me good because I got warm Hands&feet from it,but I also kept/keep experiencing certain symptoms.

Sadly I now have concluded that the heat/warmth I felt,was actually warmed caused by inflammation from the wheat.Apparently,the wheat keeps damaging my gut and causing mineral deficiencies. So,even those ‘metabolic markers’ don’t always have to be trustworthy. Just like the pee-color thing,I find that sometimes when my pee is very clear I can feel nicely warm,energetic&positive.

Also the ‘can’t get enough attitude’ of the wheat(&certain other things) I experience,are explained in this article which really rings true to me.
And that’s probably also a reason why some people are obese and can’t loose the weigth.