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This is so far down in the post, I’m not sure if anyone will see this, but here we go.

Please don’t ever look at the results another person attained and think it will directly relate to the experiences you will have. The best financial advisor I have ever had was broke, and the best personal trainer I have worked with was heavy. I don’t care. (My friend gets the most amazing eyebrow waxes from a women with no eyebrows!)

Regarding the following; this is not advice, it was only my experience. I started playing around with this about 7 years ago, even before I found this website. I had never been on a diet before, I have never had an eating disorder, nor have I ever had issues with overtraining (I grew up an athlete; that shit is in my bones).

I started overfeeding (and I completely stopped all exercise) because I broke, both physically and mentally. It was absolutely not on purpose. The first 4-8 weeks I had the most beautiful, restorative experience you could imagine. I will forever treasure that time. I was living in Miami and I played for the first time in a very, very long time. I spent time on the beach, ate “unhealthy” foods, drank my weight in rum, and I had whole bunches of sex (WHOLE BUNCHES!). I also put on a few pounds, to my delight. (I was not working at the time so that was also part of goodness.)

I got to a point, about 4-8 weeks in, where my body was like, “And you’re done now.” I swear I actually felt and heard that. The problem was, I didn’t quit. I had started using food as a tool to deal with everything that was wrong with my life; something that I had never done before. Then I became adamant that I was going to raise my temperature. (My temperature was terrible, and it still is.) I essentially spent a few years eating until it hurt, not exercising when I wanted too, waiting for my temperature to increase. I sacrificed everything with the hopes to gain one thing. I did this because I was wondering if an increased temperature would improve a few health issues I was experiencing…it never fucking happened. Although, I did develop some new problems because of my new lifestyle.

Anyway, I am finally piecing things back together and everything is going fine. I essentially lost several years of my life because I took things too damn far. I was my fault, and ONLY my fault. I screwed up.

Long story short: I am incredibly grateful for the work that Matt has done, and the work he continues to do. For me, in the beginning, this was not only helpful, I actually feel it was necessary. However, as a lifestyle, it almost ruined me.

All the best! I sincerely hope that everyone here finds what they are looking for.