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It took me 3-4 months of tinkering around with my diet to finally figure out what works for me. For me, I have to really keep my sugar intake low. Sugar drops my body temp at warp speed. Liquid sugar especially. Mexican cokes, syrup, Gatorade, Sierra Mist, OJ, you name it, drops my temp very quickly. Sugar in food doesn’t do it as quickly, but I still need to avoid it for the most part.

So, 3-4 months I was up and down, back and forth. After that time, I realized I had to stick with starch, saturated fats, salt, and proteins. Very, very little sugar. Since I did this, my temps have stabilized. I am 98.2 to 98.7 throughout the day, like clockwork. But, even now, after doing this for 3 months, a little sugar, even 3 sips of Mexican Coke, and my body temp drops anywhere from a half to a full degree. I just avoid sugar for the most part.