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In the past, I’ve seen higher temps within a month by eating lots of fresh ground (easy in a blender) buckwheat crepes (made with cream and butter), white basmati rice with black beans and pastured cheese, potatoes fried in coconut oil with lots of salt, corn tortilla soft tacos, quesos and burritos with all sorts of fillings, grass fed beef in all forms, Strauss ice cream (no additives) and popcorn popped in coconut oil. And good quality chocolate. I eat real sauerkraut with my meals when it sounds good, and only do cooked broccoli for occasional veggies, and a salad rarely. And I drink kombucha at night or some salted fresh squeezed lemonade when extra thirsty. I’m not saying this works for everyone in a very low metabolic state, but I do think it’s possible for some people to see results without overly processed foods, but only if it doesn’t stress you out to cook or eat that way. I was already used to doing this for my kids, so it didn’t add extra stress, and these foods are still a treat for me.