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I’m having the same problem too,by the end of the day I look like I’m 9monts pregnant.
I’ve tried several things high fiber/low fiber,gluten seems to cause bloating one time and than the other time not and it’s not lack of calories etc.
On top I keep battling with varying degrees of a (watery?)bellypouch and side lovehandles and overall fluidbalance….some days I have these dents in my leg where my socks used to be. (I hoped that all these stories about high metabolism and decreasing foodintolerances would apply for me,but it seems that gluten suppresses metabolism*sigh* and causing some other negative things. And before people start about not stressing about food,I dont but it still seems to cause a stressreaction in the body unfortunately. Sometimes I think I migthve Hashimoto’s even though tests never showed anything….but I personally think our healthcare system&tests are worthless shit anyway.).

By now,I’m almost starting to accept that I’ll never get the bodycomposition I’d like to have and eat whatever no matter exercise/workout.