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Problems with Bloating and Digestion

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    Long story, short: Three years ago, my wife and I went very strict Paleo to eliminate our health issues (no grain/dairy/sugar). After a few months, I dropped from a healthy 6’2″ 185lb athlete to 150lb with no energy and more issues. Her too. We weren’t tracking, but we think we were at about 1000 cal/day and very low carb. We’ve been on the road to recovery ever since and have tried so many combinations of what Matt recommends as well as other variations of Paleo. We’ve literally experimented for 2 straight years and can’t nail down what we need to do. We buy grassfed meat, raw dairy, some organic veggies, fish oil, probiotics, etc. We’ve also tried the pizza/fast food/ice cream route and everything in between.

    I’m doing pretty well except this past year my stomach has been really bloated and I spend between 45 and 60 minutes going to the bathroom each day. I’m able to go daily, but it just takes forever. I’ve tried eliminating gluten, eliminating dairy, upping carbs, upping starch, etc – none of it seems to help. Luckily I don’t have any other issues, but these two problems are driving me crazy! Any advice?!


    I’m not an expert or a nutritionist… but if it were me, I’d probably keep the grass fed meats and go organic as available, but otherwise go back to what it was you were doing before Paleo…

    Or, go back to something closer to the meal plans you grew up with.

    I’m finding my body likes balanced meals…. so every meal has protein, fat and carbs. Fat and fiber are both good at moving things through the GI tract at a faster pace.

    Going full out Paleo, you probably upset the gut bug communities, so you’ll want to build those back up. Raw milk should help, but you might need some more diverse bug cultures and some good fiber to feed and care for them, and help them reproduce in sufficient numbers.

    Just my $0.02. Hopefully you’ll get some better advice from others here.


    Maybe you aren’t eating enough? When I was doing 2lbs of veg and 5 fruits a day I was, unthinkably, constipated. I was struggling to get to 1200 calories. I think one of Matt’s books says that if you don’t eat enough then your body has to suck out every nutrient possible of what you consume so that it makes it hard to go. If you think your gut is messed up drink Kombucha instead of water. It’s a live probiotic. It’s pricey but super easy to make yourself. Or go with some full fact live probiotic yogurt.

    The Real Amy

    Low-carb is killer on gut bacteria, and according to others here it can be a looooong recovery. Probiotics (in live food not just pills) as others have mentioned here can help. The other thing you might find helpful is aloe juice. It really helped me with some stomach issues awhile back, and will make you very regular.

    Overall, it just takes time. My stomach had some issues after coming off the pill a few years ago (the pill also harms the flora), but my gut seems pretty good these days.

    I also second Tina’s advice for a well-balanced, moderate diet. Our grandparents were onto something.


    I’m having the same problem too,by the end of the day I look like I’m 9monts pregnant.
    I’ve tried several things high fiber/low fiber,gluten seems to cause bloating one time and than the other time not and it’s not lack of calories etc.
    On top I keep battling with varying degrees of a (watery?)bellypouch and side lovehandles and overall fluidbalance….some days I have these dents in my leg where my socks used to be. (I hoped that all these stories about high metabolism and decreasing foodintolerances would apply for me,but it seems that gluten suppresses metabolism*sigh* and causing some other negative things. And before people start about not stressing about food,I dont but it still seems to cause a stressreaction in the body unfortunately. Sometimes I think I migthve Hashimoto’s even though tests never showed anything….but I personally think our healthcare system&tests are worthless shit anyway.).

    By now,I’m almost starting to accept that I’ll never get the bodycomposition I’d like to have and eat whatever no matter exercise/workout.

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