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Hi Matt! I just happen to pick up your book when a blog I followed posted it as a free book on Amazon. I never thought that I would ‘need’ it because even though I did suffer from anorexia back in 2006, now I am in a much better place since discovering the weight room. And I am not afraid to eat. I read that cold fingers and toes was a sign of a slow metabolism and blew it off because I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s Syndrome when I got of the military. But then I continued to read that if you drink a lot of water and pee multiple times in the night that I could have a damaged metabolism. This was when I got worried and decided to take my temp. So what I have found, after following a few small steps is that I stay around 97.4-97.7 (on average) except after I train. After training I am around 95.1 or 95.2, then I eat my post workout protein muffin and drink a protein shake. Today I was beyond freezing and my fingers when white and numb (Raynaud’s) so I decided to take my temp and it was 93.1!! I immediately ran and got into the hot shower to try to warm up and this was when I began to have a metallic taste in my mouth. Then my husband told me that is a sign of a potential stroke. I’m exteremly concerned with how low my temp gets after training. Is this normal?