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Oh no, I totally understand and I took no offense to your question. I know a lot of people that it has happened to and have read millions of horror stories. I was taking a supplement called Detonate and I think that might have been the root cause of my problem. I am stationed overseas with my husband in Japan and unfortunately, the thermometer I have right now is the only one they sell here on base. I might try to order another online but I think that if I stick with the small changes I have made lately, no caffeine, more saturated fat, less water, more salt, then I will continue to see improvements. I do weight train really intensely and so I have cut back on that slightly. I am seeing progress in the short amount of time I have made these changes. I am not working with any strength or conditioning coach because I am one of three personal trainers on our base (and I personally wouldn’t pay money to train with the other two) and I am hesitate to find someone over the internet. I did all my prep completely by myself. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition until I started reading Diet Recovery and it was literally like my world was thrown upside down. I am currently reading Eat for Heat and cant wait to start implementing more changes. I am really hoping that maybe I just over reacted and my metabolism isn’t as bad as I first thought. I will continue to mover forward with Matt’s advice either way because I can only get better at this point. Thank you for your concern and your response. I’m very new to all this and it means a lot that someone would respond to what I had to say and offer up assistance.