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Just an fyi for all you worrying about temps. If you take any kind of “supplement” or medicine with T4 in it, like straight T4 or even T4/T3 combos like Armour, you will not be able to get your temps above 98.1 degrees at most. Unless you take smaller doses. Somebody very smart brought this to my attention in the past year. I thought he was full of it, but then I looked at my temp logs as well. Once I started trying a T4/T3 combo, my temps never increased past 98.0. I also read an interview with Mary Shonomon, from the website Stop the Thyroid Madness, and she said for some reason she cannot get her temps above 98.1 degrees in the past 7 years despite feeling great while taking Armour. This is because T4 is a governor so to speak. Once I stopped taking the Armour, in the next month my temps started getting back up to 98.4 after eating large meals. So if you are taking T4 in large doses and not small, spread out doses, you will not get your temps up