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I’ve been known to take a nap on occasion… I work from home, so the “nap room” is very, very close an very, very comfy. And my dog is a lazy mastiff, who if very happy to nap with me. :)

It’s amazing how good you feel after a 30 minute nap, on those days when you need one.

Getting enough sleep is a big part of a diet recovery effort, too.

If you read enough of the posts here, you’ll start to see how many different approaches there are to dieting, food, nutrition and even application of Matt’s methods… in the end, it has to be something that works for you – and I’m finding that takes a lot of self-awareness and experimentation. But, it’s nice that there’s someone out there – finally – that is advocating the “find your own path” mentality in the diet world!!

Good luck on your health journey!