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Hi Kakti,
I had exactly similar problems after being on paleo. What helped me with bloating etc. was elimination of ALL fiber-rich vegetables, even cooked ones, and most fruits. I now eat quite a few carbs, but only those mostly free of fiber: white rice and products made from it, tapioca, well-cooked potatoes, some taro, ripe bananas, fresh orange juice, honey – and have virtually no gas, bloating or constipation. If I weren’t a diagnosed celiac, I would also be enjoying all those yummy things made with white wheat flour.
My favourite tummy-friendly foods are: white rice & tapioca toasts with whatever I want on top; potatoes (or combination of potatoes with yams or taro) mashed with lots of cream and egg yolks; white rice noodles with butter, parmesan and soy sauce; and Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese dishes galore – minus veggies.
I don’t restrict good fats or meats, and this does not seem to affect my digestion.
Hopefully, you will find my experience helpful. Good luck with your journey!

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