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Anyone have experience with typical bodybuilding supplements?

Blog Forums Drugs and Supplements Anyone have experience with typical bodybuilding supplements?

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    @OrganicMuscle- thanks for the reply.

    The protein is mainly because I don’t generally tend toward much dietary protein. Left to my own devices, I’d get less than the ~1g/lb that I’m aiming for. I do love greek yogurt, though, and usually get in a cup or more a day. Primary dietary protein comes from low-fat/skim milk, yogurt, eggs, beans and beef burgers 2-3x/week. And then whatever ancillary protein from pasta, bread, rice, oatmeal, etc. Then rice protein, mixed whey/casein/egg protein, and powdered gelatin.

    I’ve heard contrasting accounts on creatine cycling. Why do you advise ten weeks on/ten weeks off?

    I’ve heard pre-workout caffeine can be valuable. Recommendations? Capsules? Coffee? Tea? Cola?

    The goal for the past few months was bulking, and a hypercaloric diet with higher volume training was effective. I put on about 20lbs, from 165 to 185lbs, but more fat than I’d like, both for vanity reasons and performance. I play basketball 10-15hours per week, and I’m slower and less nimble than I’d like at this point.

    [EDIT: The motivation for bulking was a little bit of vanity, but more for increased strength and post presence in basketball. I’m just under 6′, but on the taller side for the people I play with, and when guarding bigger guys,I got knocked around easily and couldn’t hold my own. I wanted to size up some, but it’s come at the expense of quickness and agility.]

    My energy levels have been up, and I’m starting to incorporate some sprinting/high intensity drills into my routine for increased power and explosive capacity, and ideally to help lean out some.

    In terms of workout plan, I’m currently finishing the last couple weeks of a 10 week HST (hypertrophy specific training) cycle. As mentioned, I just started incorporating sprints on a casual basis, though I’m looking for a good routine that I can get into for my next 10-12 week resistance training cycle that will also incorporate performance drills. My energy is high now, and my goal is to facilitate that while staying active and not overtraining. I also play basketball in an un-regimented way 10-15 hours/week.

    Any feedback based on all that is welcome.



    Generally working in the sarcoplasmic rep range is used for bulking, but a caloric surplus will generally override whatever you are doing and create bulk. Interestingly your HST is perfect for your next step: creating more strength to go along with your size.

    Creatine use: prolonged use of creatine has been shown in increase fat-mass and have no measurable affect on performance. Pub Med is your friend:

    Caffeine: If i’m really dragging i’ll do two bags of yerbal mate in about 6-8oz of water with 1tsp of sugar 30 minutes prior to training. But i general use nothing pre-workout. Coffee general makes me freak out, so i don’t use it. But, i know may trainers that live off or coffee or espresso shots pre-workout. Don’t over think, just play around and find something that works. You could also take something like Vega pre-workout energizer … basically yerbal mate, b-vitamins, sugar and antioxidants. Make sure your stomach tolerates whatever your are putting in your system.

    Training: 10-15 hours per week of basketball is significant. I’m assuming this is not a new level fatigue for your body and your waking temp is around 97.8, right? If the above is true, then ya, you can add strength training to your regiment. If your waking temp is low, then i would cut back on the amount of cardio (basketball), and replace with hypertrophy training (less fatiguing in general).

    Without getting too complicated or invested about training i would say go to and do Greg’s free workout. has a good free workout as well. Since you are a basketball player replace leg day with something like this: Watch the four video, i think, and create a workout from the videos. I increased my box jump from 40″ to 44″ with this program. It’s hard. Your ass will get sore. But, you’ll jump higher.


    All this talk about creatine makes me interested in trying it.

    This arcticle says it’s safe, and that you don’t need to cycle it.

    I’ve read that supplementing with creatine causes your body to produces less. I assume that the benefits from supplementing creatine come from having higher levels in your body, and that these benefits are only obtained from supplementation when you levels are below optimal. In that case, I think, the body should only reduce production when supplementation is higher than needed. If production + supplementation = ideal then the body would not need to change the amount produced. If production + supplementation > ideal then the amount produces needs to be lowered.

    Following that line of thought, Perhaps it is best to supplement creatine in the smallest dose that still gives the desired effects for upkeep after an initial loading fase.

    The article I posted above says that 2g may be sufficient for keeping creatine stores at adequate levels. I suppose that would be a good amount to start with.


    Hey guys,

    Agreed that I’m still not sure about creatine. I haven’t looked through the full Examine guide, but I have interacted with Sol a bit, and I am confident of their integrity. The one word answer to ‘should I cycle?’ is a bit blunt, but if they on the whole stand by it, that means something to me.

    @OrganicMuscle- Basketball is not a new level fatigue, but I have seen recent signs of overtraining (poorer performance notably), and will scale down some.

    I did visit both those sites you mentioned Chad Howse Fitness and Kinobody. Wasn’t wowed by either site, and despite poking around some, never found a shorthand basic program guide. Feel free to link one if I missed it, though. I did find the below program for the ‘skinny fat ectomorph,’ which seems like it’ll work for my next cycle.

    Jump drills are great- thanks for the video links.

    And thanks in general for the feedback and ideas.

    A1) Back Squat 4?6-8
    A2) Chin-Ups (25)
    B1) Romanian Deadlift 2?8-12
    B2) Incline Press 3?8
    c1) Pushups 2 x max
    C2) Thick Grip Barbell Curls 2?15
    ? Sprints


    A1) Overhead Press 3?6-8
    A2) Barbell Rows 3?8
    B) Hip Thrust 2?10
    C) Calfs 2?20
    ?Farmers Walks


    A1) Deadlift 3?5
    A2) Incline Press 3?8
    B1) Front Squat 3?5
    B2) Chin-Ups (25)
    C1) Dips 2 x max
    C2) Thick Grip Hammer Curls 2?10


    Most are able to maintain creatine saturation with a dose of 3-5g taken on workout days only or ~4 days a week. It may take a bit more time for the cells to reach saturation, but it can be maintained without down-regulation and you can avoid some of the bloating/gastrointestinal issues that many experience.


    Do you have a reference for this Rodzilla, or is this based on people’s experiences?


    yeah, you can look up individual studies on maintaining saturation over longer terms vs cycling. But I don’t keep them on hand. This might provide some useful info.


    @Rob, don’t you find that having all three of these- barbell rows, RDL and Deadlift- a bit hard on the lower back? Of course, I don’t know how heavy you are going with these. I might replace the barbell rows with “Kroc” rows instead, just to give your lower back some rest.



    I’ve actually been using a different routine the last month and a half or so. 4X/week upper lower split, only SLDL along with squats, with chins and DB rows for back.

    I reckon you may have been right. That could have been a bit much.

    What’s your routine like these days?


    @thomasseay what was the brand and dosing parameters that you used with the bacopa? thanks

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