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Never really hungry, low appetite, please help!

Blog Forums Raising Metabolism Never really hungry, low appetite, please help!

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    Hi guys

    Does anyone here have a problem with low appetite??

    I been trying to raise metabolism and get the good hormones going.progesterone and testosterone. Been about a month since i started the recovery diet.

    I’m 22 , female, history of diets since i was 15.

    Oddly I don’t crave sweets, never feel like cake and lollies. Makes it very hard to eat enough.

    Can’t eat gluten – i break out in hives.

    Diet right now is fries, sausages, steak, mash potatoes, smoked chicken, things like that. I’ve also been drinking raw whole milk to up my calories.

    Can never hit over 2000 calories a day :( feeling pretty defeated. can barely get to 1500 calories a day to be honest.

    Just getting so full after a small amount of food.

    Have gained weight in my belly though. gettin less hungry by the day.

    Feet get cold everyday. Please help me out. also been waking up to pee after 6 hours of sleep.

    Can never get pee to a deep yellow. :(


    How much are you drinking? Be sure you drink only when thirsty & try to sip rather than gulp it down. That should help with your pee issues. As for hunger, you are really just starting on this. Since appetite is low try to up the amount of food gradually. To tell the truth I still don’t think I am getting enough calories in & I have been doing this for a year. Don’t you love when someone gives you advice Who can’t do it either? LOL.


    I have found that if I drink way more than I should and/or have too little sodium, my appetite will be nuked. Drinking very salty water and not over-consuming liquids always helps me to become hungry again.

    Perhaps you can experiment with this.


    im going to point you in the 100% ABSOLUTE right direction here. something I wish someone had done for me when my misery started. i want you to go to this link below and make the dietary protocol recommnded your bible. study it and know it inside and out. there are no small tweaks that are going to get you where you need to be. it is a comprehensive approach that will get you where you need to go in the long-term. low appetite? that is a classic indication of high serotonin levels. you need to incorporate methods that lower your serotonin levels and i promise you your appetite will go up. this can be done by eating a very clean diet and avoiding gut irritiation from eating things with ingredients like carageenan, guar gum, etc. avoid like the plague. also eat a raw carrot a day to clean the intenstine. i take a medication that is actually an anti-histamine that lowers serotonin and in turn makes me feel HUNGRY. it is great and has helped tremendously. it is called cyproheptadine. i want you to read this link and ray peat’s dietary recommendation and apply them as much as possible, with the exception of the high liquids recommendation.

    also try and drink gatorade to replenish lost sodium levels from drinking liquids.

    i cant stress this enough (no pun intended), you have elevated serotonin levels. if you need advice on how to lower serotonin levels check out as well


    @Linda Thanks for your input. really appreciated. could you please tell me about your progress, even though you haven’t managed to eat much this past year? Have you gained and lost any weight? Are you much healthier now?

    Thank you for your suggestion, will try it some time.

    Wow, thank you for such a thoughtful reply! High serotonin… thats definitely something to think about. I have bipolar disorder type 2, and apparently my brain goes through phases of very low and very high serotonin. However even when I am depressed, I seem to have a low appetite. I wonder what it could be? I am quite happy with the recommendations, thank you so much for the link


    captainchode, I have been doing this for a year. After the 1st 2 months my temp went up from 96.7 to 97.7, & that is where I still am today. Also, I had lost a ton of weight on a diet I was on about 7 or 8 yrs ago. I was too thin but I thought I looked good. Then I switched to a whole food whole fat diet (WAPF) I started slowly gaining weight even though I was eating clean & exercising regularly. I didn’t know why.

    I went on a low carb diet but that had no affect, couldn’t lose it. At that point I didn’t need to lose it, but I was worried that I would gain all of it back & not be able to control it. By the time I started reading Matt’s blog about low metabolism I figured that was my problem. I decided to try this approach since I was already gaining the weight. I haven’t lost any weight, I am uncomfortable with my size & I still can’t get higher temps. That’s why I made that comment about not being able to do it either. I am still trying to figure it out. I am going to check out that link Tucker sent.


    @Linda Your story resonates with me. Being too thin but thinking you look good, I used to be like that. Just last year I was barely 90 pounds and thought that was my “hottest” body yet. Its ridiculous. (i’m only 5 foot by the way)

    So glad Im over that part now. Also very happy to see people like you and myself learning to be realistic about our bodies and making big, scary steps towards happiness and health.

    I’m now atleast 10-15 pounds heavier. I was afraid of the weight gain too, cause it meant my stomach would no longer be flat and my naturally big legs would not be as thin. BUT IM ACTUALLY OKAY WITH ALL THAT NOW. Please don’t feel uncomfortable with your size. I really really believe part of this healing process is complete acceptance and no stressing out!

    I understand its so hard in this day and age to be happy without a super thin physique, all my girlfriends a skinnier than me, have super flat stomachs and are also all on diets :( talk about pressure.

    Remember years of dieting and body abuse through food restriction can take a few years to heal. Don’t give up. I know I won’t.

    Anyways good luck Linda, I just wanted to share some support and understanding. I hope I’ve been able to do that.

    Also re-reading matt stones issue #2 newsletter, the second article titled – Weight Fixation: Waist of Time. Amazing inspiration about not fixating on your looks.

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