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That was scary!

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    I woke up this am, per usual, a little before 3. I got up and had about 1/2 c of hot choc made with whole milk + some cream. I was feeling basically lousy (again, per usual these days) so I lay back down – and was overcome with heart palpitations, racing pulse, chest pressure, choking feeling. I know from past experience that the chest pressure and choking feeling are how I experience GERD, and I’ve had palpitations in the past and know they aren’t indicative of anything serious. But having them all together, and after not having had any of them for quite a long while, yep, have to say that was scary.

    The symptoms did eventually go away and I’m fine, just colder than usual. I’m guessing cortisol overload, plus the worsening digestive problems. Probably have been drinking too much. I find I crave drinks like I used to crave carbs. Sigh.

    Hanging in.


    I myself have severe GERD and I also get the chest pressure as well as heart palpitations when I get a severe flare up. The reason for this is that the vagus nerve can get irritated from excessive acid and then this can irritate the heart. Not serious, but very scary, I agree! (Of course if this continues it never hurts to rule out a heart issue) If it were me, I would not blame the liquids, but the cocoa! Chocolate or cocoa of any kind is a huge GERD trigger (it loosens the lower esophageal sphincter which is supposed to keep acid down). Also, I can never lay down flat, particularly when I have GERD. I know this site does not encourage restriction, but if I were you I would avoid all chocolate for a while until the GERD dies down, and try sleeping propped up a bit. I hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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