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There was a study on feeding “naturally slim people, that say, they eat everything they want their whole life” a large quantity of food in order to test if they also gain weight, when over their energy requirements. I don’t recall how much it was but something like 6000 kcal. And guess what, they all gained weight! Those people have never dieted a day in their life and always ate whatever like pizza etc. This study was on BBC if you want to look it up on youtube.
I’ve tried some wild ideas in my life and if I try something that obviously doesn’t have definite proof, I need to take responsibility for that choice. Matt hasn’t done this long enough to be able to know what happens longterm. But he is the leader into a new dimension based on new ideas. Risky and fun! Decide what risks you are willing to take. He does have responses like Jon coming though. After all, he sells his ideas like they are bricks of gold lol. Not too hard when the baseline is to eat loads of delicious food and get slim lol. I still want it to be true (: But until I see everyone get results, I going to restrict a bit like Julie and some others on the forum who seemed to have stayed or come back to slim. It’s not pretty when a woman gets overweight and then loses it all. Let me just say deflated boobs…