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Maybe one of the reasons we don’t see more from those who have been on the program for over a year is that Matt just wrote Diet Recovery 2 nine months ago and Eat for Heat 16 months ago. I just became acquainted with his work this past December and it rang true for me as I’ve been dieting on and off since I was a teen (I’m 65 now). I could relate to the yo-yo dieting and regaining and decided to give it a try as my temps were around 97.4. In the past three months I’ve raised my temp to around 98.0 but unfortunately have gained 20 pounds, maybe because I tended toward lower carb and higher protein before. While I feel calmer and less stressed, I am very uncomfortable feeling like a blown up balloon and I really can’t accept remaining this way. Maybe the rest and re-feeding is best for those skinny folks with eating disorders. Problem is, I really can’t go back to cutting calories drastically or eating low-carb anymore, because I don’t believe in it, but I am going to try cutting back a little on fat and a little on calories overall, plus start walking or bicycling a little everyday and see if that helps. I went to the eatmore2weighless site and found it interesting to look at various BMR calculators. I will have to be careful though as I think cutting too much may result in negative effects such as a return to cravings or lower temps. It was definitely discouraging to read in the latest newsletter that Matt gained 40 lbs and hasn’t lost any of it! and that even he has suffered from “dwindling faith” at times. I do appreciate his honesty, but like others I wish there were more documented success stories with pictures. By the way, is there anyone else besides me that really doesn’t appreciate Matt’s constant sexual references? I, for one, am not interested in his penis strength or the amount of his ejaculate! Good grief. I tend to think his crude attempts at humor may decrease his credibility with some folks.